(20 km from Szombathely)

Kőszeg is one of the most charming little towns in Hungary, a real jewelry box with fantastic events and a unique historical city center. The historic center with the renovated squares offers tourists many sights and interesting programs.

Írottkő nature park 

(20 km from Szombathely)

Starting from Kőszeg, the land provides excellent hiking routes/paths – one can go all the way to the Stájer-házak, to Hétforrás (Seven Fountains), to the Watchtower (Óház) or one can also have look around from the lookout built on top of Írottkő, from where the panorama of the Alps unfolds.

Írottkő is not only the highest point of the Kőszegi Mountains, but also the highest peak of Transdanubia and Burgenland in Austria. The two countries were once separated by the Iron Curtain, the memory of which still preserves the landscape today.

In 1891 the first wooden lookout tower was built, which stood there until 1909. After a short break, the Írottkő lookout tower – already made from stone – was completed in 1913 and has been open to visitors since 1990.

The summit and the building of the lookout tower are separated into two sections by the Hungarian-Austrian border. 5/12 of the area is on the Hungarian side. The entrance stands on the Austrian side, but it can be reached from both countries via the hiking trails leading here. One historical curiosity of the building – which was renovated in 2010 – is that the iron curtain fence on the Hungarian side stretched, so the lookout tower could only be reached from Austria until dismantling.

If the weather is clear in the north-northeast, you can see Lake Neusiedl (Fertő-tó) from the viewing terrace on its top, which the two countries share. In the southeast you can see the blue water of Lake Balaton. In the northwest the snowy, jagged peaks of the Schneeberg and Rax are visible in the distance.

Chapel of St. Vid

(21 km from Szombathely)

The chapel is located on a mountain top of the Kőszeg Mountains, in a magical little village – Velem. Archaeologists found 2000 year old Roman water pipes in the area that led the water to Savaria, today’s Szombathely.

The chapel was built by the monk Hilarius in 1713 and has been a place of pilgrimage since the 18th century. It received its current shape when it was rebuilt in 1859.

Holdfényliget adventure park in Gyöngyösfalu

(13 km from Szombathely)

Holdfény Liget, the breathtaking and magical adventure park offers various exciting opportunities for children as well as adults to have fun, to test their own limits, to escape everyday life, to relax, or simply to enjoy the forest in a deck chair!

Memorial to the Iron Curtain in Felsőcsatár

(20 km from Szombathely)

On the Eisenberg stands the open-air museum, where you can see part of the iron curtain and the facilities of the border protection system on the Austrian-Hungarian state border from the period between 1948 and 1989.